Course Description

How educators feel matters. 

If a teacher is stressed, their students are likely feeling that too. 

In Educator Self Care, you’ll learn how to build awareness of and acknowledge personal stressors and learn actionable coping strategies to quickly turn your day around no matter what changes and unknowns you’re navigating. 

We’ll cover: 

  • How to build awareness of and acknowledge personal stressors

  • Understanding your stress and learn actionable strategies for coping

  • Developing a game plan for building resilience to stress 

  • Strategies for coping with change and uncertainty

  • The impacts of stress and ways to assess your symptoms

  • How to cope with stress using the 5a’s (Acceptance, Avoidance, Alter, Adapt, Action) 

  • How to recognize the need for and enforce boundaries 

  • Strategies for coping with challenging students and parents 

Meet Your Teacher

Stress Management & Psychological Safety Consultant

Amanda Muhammad

Amanda Muhammad is an International Mindfulness Based Stress Management & Psychological Safety Consultant in Dallas, TX. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Business Psychology, holds a Masters in Organizational Leadership, and a Bachelor's Degree in Management and Leadership. Amanda is a certified Mindfulness trainer, Compassion Fatigue Trainer and yoga instructor. Amanda teaches individuals how to build resilience and reduce stress as well as how to introduce different practices to the people they serve as a foundation for social-emotional learning, restorative practices, and building resilience. She facilitates a variety of workshops, hosts mindfulness trainings and serves as a coach to schools and organizations both across the country and internationally. In addition to in-person training, she runs a web-based education platform, Mako Mindfulness, created to guide you through her framework of evidence-based practices that change the way we process and respond to stressful situations.

Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Meet Your Teacher

    • Objectives

    • Checking In

  • 2

    It's Okay Not to be Okay

    • Intro

    • What does self-care look like?

    • Accepting change and uncertainty

    • You can't pour from an empty cup

  • 3

    Let's Talk about Stress

    • Intro

    • Stress: The Good, The Bad & Managing It

    • Stressors

    • Assess Your Stress Walkthrough

    • Assess Your Stress

    • Recognizing Stress

    • Stress Symptoms Worksheet

    • Recognizing Stress - Part Two

  • 4

    Strategies for Coping with Personal Stress

    • Intro

    • Prevention vs. Intervention

    • Coping with Symptoms Worksheet

    • Coping with Symptoms

    • 4 A's of Stress

    • Acceptance

    • Acceptance Reflection

    • Avoidance

    • Avoidance Reflection

    • Alter

    • Alter Reflection

    • Adapt

    • Adapt Reflection

    • Action + Boundaries

    • Action + Boundaries Reflection

  • 5

    The Mako Method™ Framework for Coping

    • Intro

    • Why You Should Practice Mindfulness

    • The Mako Method™ Framework

    • Practice Breathing

    • Practice Gratitude

    • Practice Perspective

    • Practice Affirmations

    • Practice Journaling

    • The Mako Method™ Resource Guide

  • 6

    Enforcing Boundaries

    • Intro

    • Secondary Stress

    • Establishing & Enforcing Boundaries

    • Low Impact Debriefing

    • Coping with Challenging Students

  • 7

    Strategies for "On The Job" & Environmental Stressors

    • Intro

    • Connecting with Challenging Students

    • Building Positive Relationships with Students

    • Building Positive Relationships with Parents and Guardians

    • Zoom Fatigue

    • Pomodoro Technique (Focus & Productivity Strategy)

    • Transition Routine

  • 8

    Your Game Plan

    • Intro

    • Your Game Plan

  • 9

    Create a Great Day

    • Thank You

    • Create a great day! (Downloadable Breathing Exercise)


  • Do you accept purchase orders?

    Yes! Please contact us for information at [email protected] .

  • I am considering purchasing this course for my staff, can I preview the course?

    Yes, we can set up you up with complimentary access for 24 hours to check out the content. Please contact us at [email protected] for more information.

  • Do you offer group discounts?

    Yes, we have special pricing for schools, districts, and groups of more than five teachers. Please contact us for more information at [email protected]

  • Do I need to take this course at a certain pace?

    No, this is a self-paced course and you can go through the lessons as quickly as you'd like! You can also go back to re-watch lessons as needed. That being said, we think you'll get the most out of this course if you commit to completing the lessons for each chapter in one sitting.

  • Can I receive Professional Development credit for this course?

    After completing the course (all lessons, including any discussion posts and assignments), we will issue a certificate of completion. However, since every state and district has different requirements for PD credit, this certificate does NOT guarantee that you will be granted credit by your district or state.